Inspired by American Reporter and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Horace Carter's quote "The greatest work of life is service to mankind," Scott Richardson has lived a life of service, seizing every opportunity to do what he can to make the world a better place. 

Scott knew that he could not change the world, but he had the desire to make The Village Tavern a microcosm of what the world could be & should be. Scott envisioned a company where everyone is welcome, a place where our differences are embraced and valued. He had a strong desire to provide great jobs and opportunities and create a culture where everyone is truly treated with dignity, respect, and appreciation.  Please know that the entire executive team, Tony, Tim, Mary Grace and Bill, 

believed in these ideals before joining Village Tavern and they continue to embrace and live these every day. 

For 40 years we have been working tirelessly to create a wonderful place to work, one that nurtures everyone's unique journey.  This last year we have been taking steps to rededicate ourselves to Scott's vision because our driving force is to deliver the quality of life and well-being you desire and deserve. We believe it's important that you feel this commitment to each of you. 

We're excited for the opportunities that 2024 holds, eager to do more for you. We've gone back to our beginning, back to the heart of our vision, and we are working to refresh and elevate what can be for you.  We want people on our team that want to be the best, surrounded by the best.  We're dreamers, hard workers, do-gooders, people pursuing our passions, walking the path to serve others, to show the world what can be when we all believe in each other and care for the good of all humanity.